Mr H’s Birthday Surprise

Mini Evelyne in Vert de Gris, PHW

Happy Birthday, Mr H!

When I was offered this bag at the shop a few months ago, I felt that I needed to get it for Mr H as his birthday gift this year. This one is in the exact colourway he likes in PHW so it was just fate.

Mr H kindly allowed me to take a mod shot lol

The size of the bag fits everything that Mr H needs with him going out – wallet, phone, keys, hand sanitizer and a pack of tissue papers. Can easily dress down or dress up with it, depending on what you are wearing.

Do recommend this bag to men who are looking for a more luxurious look in a subtle way.

Hermès + Chanel Haul

Didn’t get them all at the same time but just taking me a very long time to be in the right mood to unbox them.

The Chanel family
And the Hermès petit H charms and the Clic H bracelet ❤

Always need a bit of luck when it comes to buying petit H – you will have to be lucky enough to get the charm in the colour you want. Or you will have to have an open mind to embrace whatever colours it may come in. Isn’t it fun?

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