Mr H’s Birthday Surprise

Mini Evelyne in Vert de Gris, PHW

Happy Birthday, Mr H!

When I was offered this bag at the shop a few months ago, I felt that I needed to get it for Mr H as his birthday gift this year. This one is in the exact colourway he likes in PHW so it was just fate.

Mr H kindly allowed me to take a mod shot lol

The size of the bag fits everything that Mr H needs with him going out – wallet, phone, keys, hand sanitizer and a pack of tissue papers. Can easily dress down or dress up with it, depending on what you are wearing.

Do recommend this bag to men who are looking for a more luxurious look in a subtle way.





Love You to the Moon and Back

These small yet very thoughtful gifts mean the world to me.

Growing up is never a trap but a blessing if that’s the only way to bring you in my life.

Love you to the moon and back, my gent.


“我愛上讓我奮不顧身的一個人 我以為這就是我所追求的世界
然而橫衝直撞 被誤解被騙 是否成人的世界背後 總有殘缺
我走在每天必須面對的分岔路 我懷念過去單純美好的小幸福
愛總是讓人哭 讓人覺得不滿足 天空很大卻看不清楚 好孤獨”

In the Ditch

Lacking the faith to keep on going

Out of hope to bridge the gap

Too much to bear; too hard to deal

Too short; yet too deep

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