Finally… Clutched this Couple Bag!

I was surprised when my SA messaged me before this year’s LNY saying the mini Evelyne in rose shocking was ready in store for me! What a nice surprise!

Although it is not the top priority colour I have been after, it is still a colour I adore a lot ❤ and a lovely touch to one’s outfit during LNY – it definitely arrived at the right time! Not been buying new clothes for LNY for years but I wouldn’t say no to a pretty and auspicious handbag for the festive occasion 🐯

Evelyne 16 Rose Shocking PHW Taurillon Maurice leather

Look at how lovely this colour is! I know it will go very well with a lot of my outfits and it’s a great colour for all seasons.

Can’t wait to go on a date with hubby and use our mini Evelyne together ☺

Hermès + Chanel Haul

Didn’t get them all at the same time but just taking me a very long time to be in the right mood to unbox them.

The Chanel family
And the Hermès petit H charms and the Clic H bracelet ❤

Always need a bit of luck when it comes to buying petit H – you will have to be lucky enough to get the charm in the colour you want. Or you will have to have an open mind to embrace whatever colours it may come in. Isn’t it fun?

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