Finally… Clutched this Couple Bag!

I was surprised when my SA messaged me before this year’s LNY saying the mini Evelyne in rose shocking was ready in store for me! What a nice surprise!

Although it is not the top priority colour I have been after, it is still a colour I adore a lot ❤ and a lovely touch to one’s outfit during LNY – it definitely arrived at the right time! Not been buying new clothes for LNY for years but I wouldn’t say no to a pretty and auspicious handbag for the festive occasion 🐯

Evelyne 16 Rose Shocking PHW Taurillon Maurice leather

Look at how lovely this colour is! I know it will go very well with a lot of my outfits and it’s a great colour for all seasons.

Can’t wait to go on a date with hubby and use our mini Evelyne together ☺

Author: hexatografie

Stupid Doll Lover | Daydreamer | Urban Cyclist | Lady East | Game Addict | Karaoke Singer | Crisps Eater | Cat Slave

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